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Fine Line Aftercare

While you will find many differing schools of thought and opinions on aftercare for tattoos, it's recommended you always follow your personal tattoo artist's instructions for optimal healed results.

Rachel will thoroughly walk you through your Aftercare instructions, as well as provide you with written instructions after your appointment.  Rachel has aftercare products for purchase in-studio.

*Please note that a failure to follow Rachel's instructions can result in the need for a touch-up that includes a fee.

Below are those instructions for you to refer back to.

​Aftercare Instructions:

  • Remove Tegaderm while in the shower, after 5 days using the pull technique that Rachel showed you.

  • Begin washing once a day (for 14 days) with sensitive skin/fragrance-free wash.

  • PAT to dry, never rub & do not itch!

  • Apply aftercare balm 24/7; keep it moist, but breathable. Do not cake the balm on, apply a chapstick-layer amount around 5-8 times a day.

  • Balm for a minimum of 2 weeks, sometimes longer, or until lines are no longer scabby feeling to the touch.

  • Do not apply ANY other products to the tattoo until after you are fully healed (30 days).

  • No fragrance on the tattoo, no scrub body washes, lotions, etc.


Important Notes to Remember:

  • Avoid hot yoga and sauna/steamroom while the second skin is applied.

  • Once second skin is removed, please avoid hot tubs and swimming pools for 7 days.

  • While it's rare that fine line tattoos will become infected, they still can (they are an open wound), so treat it as such.

  • Always apply balm with clean hands.

  • Do not allow pets to lick or touch tattoos during the healing period.

  • No foreign bodily fluids on the tattoos.

  • Keep protected/shielded from the sun for the first 30 days. After 30 days when fully healed, you may begin using sunscreen (if you are a sunscreen user).

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