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Grow Your Skillset

Have you been searching for something to provide you with more creativity and meaning in your life?  Maybe you are already a service provider looking to expand your menu of options.  Whatever your specific reason, you are in the right place!

The market for tiny tattoos and permanent jewelry are very popular and in high-demand with very few professionals offering the highest-quality service, which means endless opportunity for you!

Whether you desire to learn tiny tattoos or permanent jewelry, my courses will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and guidance to begin your new career path immediately.  

What you will get:

  • A full manual to refer back to any time you need

  • A full kit that will allow you to continue to practice or take models (if applicable)

  • Marketing and business insights from my own learnings and success

  • Newfound inspiration and passion!

  • FREE templates to save you time and energy!

  • 1:1 focused training and continued support


Beginner Tiny Tattoo Fine Line Training


What are tiny tattoos?  

They are exactly what they sound like - small, minimalist fine line body art tattoos.  They are delicate and have much thinner lines than traditional tattoos.

Why should you learn tiny tattoos?

Tiny tattoos have recently become incredibly popular in the tattoo industry!  Get to know your market specifics, but what you will likely find is that the demand far exceeds the number of tattoo artist offering these cute things.  This is a really fun service to be able to offer to your client base if you are already a tattoo artist.  

If you are an artist that already has a beginners training under your belt, but find that you need additional training and guidance, REACH OUT!!  I have a handful of specifically-catered options that are guaranteed to meet your needs.  

Permanent Jewelry Training

What is permanent jewelry?  

This is clasp-free, everyday wear jewelry, custom-fit to your sizing preference.  This jewelry can be bracelets, necklaces, anklets, and even rings!  

You will learn how to weld in a strong and effective manner

so that your clients walk away with jewelry that will last!

Why should you take my training?

I have perfected my in-person training so not only will you receive tips and tricks on how to effectively weld, market yourself, and succeed, but you will also gain a mentor.  I am deeply passionate about education and you will find that I am equally invested in your success.  You will also gain access to my WhatsApp group of students where ideas and education will be accesssible to you.

*Welder NOT included in student kit.

*Please refer to Policies tab, as all policies are the same for Training as they are for tattoo appointments. Eg. Deposits are non-refundable
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